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The Bivvy Top Work Mat

Innovative, Non-slip, waterproof

New for 2020

Our Bivvy Top Work Mat has been expertly designed to keep your essential rig preparation items such as baiting needles, scissors, knot pullers, boilie stops etc, secure and where you left them.

A La Carp

Made in Great Britain

The New Must-Have Fishing Accessory

Simply roll out the perforated PVC mat across the top front part of your bivvy/shelter and place down the terminal tackle items you need.

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Bivvy Work Top Mat

Bivvy Top Work Mat positioned on one-man bivvy.

Bivvy Work Top Mat

Keep All Your Kit Together

The mat's non-slip surface and weighted neoprene rubber ends keep the items in place and stops them from slipping away or sliding off, allowing you to prepare your rigs quickly and comfortably.

Size Matters

You can choose the length of the Bivvy Top Work Mat that best suits your type and size of bivvy or shelter. The standard length is 120 cm. However, if you would like a different size, simply enter the length you require at checkout (minimum length 60 cm, maximum length 120 cm).

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A La Carp Bivvy Work Top Mat
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The Bivvy Top Work Mat measures:
30 cm (W) x 120 cm (L)

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The Bivvy Top Work Mat comes in a handy, waterproof camouflage drawstring bag

The Bivvy Top Work Mat is adaptable and compatible with most make and styles of Bivvy/Shelters, but if you have any queries please feel free to contact us for advice and further information.

Magnetic Bivvy Hooks

A La Carp

To complement your Bivvy Top Work Mat we highly recommend our compact 25mm diameter A La Carp Magnetic Neodymium Hooks. With a pulling force of 23kg these attach to the underside of the mat's neoprene ends allowing you to hang essential items such as keys, glasses, head torches, forceps and other accessories.

For your convenience, both neoprene ends will allow you to attach a magnetic bivvy light either on the top or bottom of the Bivvy Top Work Mat.

We also recognise that you may wish to attach our magnetic hooks elsewhere within your bivvy or shelter. The magnetic hooks come with polished backing plates as standard.

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The Bivvy Top Work Mat